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The Health Care industry in Pakistan is becoming increasingly competitive, margins are under attack and the customer is becoming more demanding. However there are still opportunities for the company that can GET IT RIGHT. We believe that RAAZEE THERAPEUTICS is such an organization.

The reason of our confidence in taking the leading role in pharmaceutical industry of the future is because in RAAZEE we have been able to build a management structure that shortens lines of communication enabling us to react quickly to customer needs.

We have also taken the fundamental decision that will differentiate us from the product based companies to being a customer driven organization.

It is important that we understand our customer, listen and learn from them constantly. We must be efficient in an increasingly competitive and cost conscious world. And last but not the least we must stick to our core values in everything we do.


As the economics of HealthCare lead to changes in the pharmaceutical industry's structure, our key to success will lie in the following advantages: Firstly, Raazee is a new organisation so we are able to shape it in response to what we know will be demanded of us in the future. Our efforts are focused in order to ensure that resources are directed towards the achievement of specific goals. We have a team comprising of the best people, all working for the same long term goals to ensure that new services and solutions are brought to the customer as quickly as possible. Our product portfolio is diverse and priced to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. Our manufacturing facilities are efficient and responsive.

Above all is the belief that we will only succeed if everyone in the organization is committed to excellence in everything we do, from R&D to communications with all our customers.
To Provide: a diverse range of products and product related services to HealthCare providers nationwide.
To achieve: consistent improvement in the performance of the organization, sustainable leadership in our selected therapeutic areas and increased market share.
To expand: our business and the range of products and services provided to satisfy the requirements of a rapidly expanding, fragmented and complex customer base.
To build: a learning organization that realizes the potential of its people, technology and information.
To be recognised: as the nation's premier HealthCare, company which meets the demands of people everywhere for more effective HealthCare more efficiently provided. We feel that the biggest strength we have is that we are a new organization created specifically in response to an environment of HealthCare demands which are changing at an unprecedented rate. Our values provide the basis for how our highly committed and motivated team of people will operate and behave to make our vision for the future a reality.


Raazee Therapeutics is a Health Care Group, committed to doing their job a little better every day. Striving to relieve suffering and improving the quality of life by bringing essential medicines and innovative services to patients and to Health Care providers.


Integrity and ethics: We will conduct our business ethically with integrity and honesty, and aspire to excellence in all we do.
Customer satisfaction: Our aim is to join with our customers in finding new ways of meeting their needs. Positive employment: Our people are vital to our success and we believe in and encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential. We value and nurture the diverse and individual contribution of each individual. Mutual trust and strong team work: We encourage an environment of open communication, responsive leadership and teamwork across all levels of the organization.
Flexibility: We encourage all individuals to question, suggest change, to develop creativity and innovation. Positive contribution as corporate citizens: Our prime contribution to society is through our dedication to patient welfare and by improving HealthCare. In carrying out our mission we will also create jobs and prospects, training and development opportunities for the community. We are committed to respecting the traditions of the community and the environment in which we operate.


Welcome to the Product Center, a resource for health care professionals that describes all Raazee Therapeutics products including basic information such as Size, Dosage, Storage and Therapeutic-category.

More detailed information providing product descriptions, ordering numbers, and packaging is included in the Product Details within each therapeutic category.


The HealthCare industry is moving through a time of dramatic changes. Raazee Therapeutics has put into place important building blocks in their strategy to succeed in the dramatically changing times. We, at Raazee therapeutics have a vision of what it takes to be the best and the experience to make it a reality. Our aim is to be recognized as the nation's premiere health care pharmaceutical company.

We believe that the coming years will demand more from a pharmaceutical company than the past decades have required. As an organization we will be committed to building on an analysis of what will be required of us in the future.

Raazee therapeutics has been born in 1995 into a world where everything has changed for providers of HealthCare services and pharmaceutical products. Customers and patients are expressing a growing urgency for innovative pharmaceutical based CARE. It is no longer enough to produce medicines that are safe and efficacious. We have to meet the varied needs of an increasingly demanding and complex customer base by adding value to the HealthCare solutions that we provide, by disease management information services and product support. The needs of the HealthCare workers and the patients are the basis for all our strategies for the future.


Sales & Marketing

Our marketing office takes care of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to meet the needs and requirements of our valued customers in the market. We have strict internal procedures under which all the promotional material and services are developed. All the work is further reviewed to ensure their compliance with highest ethical standards.

Field Force

RAAZEE's field force comprises of a group of motivated and dedicated marketers. They visit a large number of doctors and medical professionals every month. Its in their job to take care of questions and queries of the doctors related to our products in specific and other relative questions in general. Our hardworking, skilled and motivated sales force is always there when needed.



Description Of The Plant:
Raazee Therapeutics (Pvt.) Ltd. has manufacturing facilities in a beautiful building with R.C.C. build located near Kasur City, on Lahore Kasur Road. The total covered area of the building is about 12,000 Sq. Ft. The plant has the facilities for the manufacturing of Liquids and solid dosages forms. i.e. Syrups, Oral Suspensions, Tablets, Capsules, Injections, dry suspensions, Eye drops etc. Each section is fully equipped with modern machines & equipments for manufacturing and processing of the Pharmaceutical Products. There are separate areas for filling and packaging of Liquids and Solid dosage forms. There is also a warehouse containing separate areas for the storage of Raw & Packing Materials and the Finished Products. The plant is also provided with a de- Ionizer to fulfill the company’s need of de-Ionized water.

High Quality Manufacturing:

The complexity of producing pharmaceutical products in different forms for different therapeutic markets requires a powerful marketing strategy. This strategy must balance economies of scale from concentrated production with the need for a shorter cohesive supply chain. We also intend to ensure that our manufacturing facilities are better utilized thereby increasing efficiency and reducing fixed costs.

Quality Control

The Quality Control Department of the company is fully equipped with the latest equipments to carry out the analysis of the raw & packing Materials, all the in- process & finished products. The manufacturing facilities of the company meet the requirements of the cGMP The Company is committed to do its job a little better every day. Striving to relieve suffering and improving the quality of life by bringing essential medicines and innovative services to patients and to Health Care providers


ISO 9001 Certified

The Raazee Therapeutics is a ISO 9001 Certified Company. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies. The object of ISO is to promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world with a view to facilitating international exchange of goods and services. The results of ISO technical work are published as International Standards.

Contract Manufacturing

Raazee Therapeutics specializes in the development and manufacture of solid and liquid oral dosage forms for the Pharmaceutical industry. In-house developments have pharmaceutical and therapeutic benefits that lead to a faster onset of action and higher patient compliance. The manufacture and packaging of Raazee’s products strictly follow the code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This fast growing company has years of experience in the development and manufacture of numerous health care products in innovative dosage forms including:-

• Tablets
• Capsules
• Suspensions / Syrup
• Injections
• Eye Drops

Corporate Relationships Sought:
• Out-licensing.
• Contract and co-development of new oral and liquid formulations
• Improving the marketability of existing products through re-formulation
• Contract manufacture

More detailed information providing product descriptions, ordering numbers, and packaging is included in the Product Details within each therapeutic category.

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